Hi all!

It’s been a while. I promised I would explain my previous blog post after I came back from holiday – been nearly two weeks now.

Well, as you may remember, the past two months I’ve ended up very poorly and in pain about a week or two after I finish my period.
Last month, I took it on myself to address this with the doctor.

Month 1 – they had arranged to send me for a CT Scan of my abdomen to see if there was kidney stones. But, because me and Mr Tall are trying for a family and I hadn’t started yet – they said to postpone.

Month 2 – went back with more pain. This time they have sent me for blood and urine tests. Also, they agreed that I would be sent for an ultrasound.

My blood tests have come back all clear. My urine tests need re-doing. And the ultrasound is a week this Wednesday.

So, between all this I’ve been getting a long list of sick feeling / stress with work. Along with stress with friends.
Been a bit of an uphill lately.

These past few months have been a real challenge, but I am learning that taking things an hour at a time.

I’ll definitely let you all know about my holiday tomorrow.


First Anniversary

We are in beautiful Skipton on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales. I’ve been here before when I was young with my family for a recuperation holiday for my Mum.

I wanted Paul to be a part of this memory of such a lovely place.

I’ll share more when we are back, but it’s been a bit rough. Not with me and tall man, but with life and trying to create it.

Love for now x

Making for 1st Wedding Anniversary

I’m so nervous for mine and my husbands first wedding. 4 days time. Cannot believe how time has flown.

First wedding is traditionally “paper”. So off Hobbycraft I went, armed with goodies I had purchased in Birmingham nearly two weeks ago.

This is what was created;

How colourful! Just wanted to do something bright and colourful for our colourful home.

No make up photo for Cancer Research

There has been a lot of problems from people that believe this current craze has done nothing (aside cause a rise in donations to Cancer Research UK and male compliments).

#nomakeupselfie on all forms of social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram has been swamping the feeds.

The research in cancer research is still going on everyday, people are still loosing the fight daily. But cancer is very close to home with me. My Mum had Hodgkins Lymphoma when I was just starting middle school; my Grandad had bowel cancer and lives with the daily embarrassment of having a colostomy bag; two of my dear friends’ sister is currently fighting Breast Cancer. So, to me, and countless others, it is good to get more social media on the side of donating.

Not everyone will take part in the Race for Life, not everyone can get to Macmillan coffee mornings, and not everyone can do a lot for cancer research.


Either way, text 70099 from UK phones to get those donations pouring in! £3 is each text. You may want to donate more – but that’s up to you!

I feel this is a good thing, and if you want to put a warning label on your “selfie” then why not! All for fun but with a good cause at heart.

Things to look forward to

I’m trying to find a few things to look forward to in the next month, and I soon realised there is a lot happening!

This coming weekend my mother in law has invited me to go to the Birmingham NEC for the Crafts at home show. We have been a couple of times, but couldn’t go last year for health and financial reason. 22nd March – watch out Brummy!!!

Then on 6th April, it will be one year of marriage for me and the tall man. Can’t believe it’s been a year already. I was having my hen do a year a go.
How sweet do we all look? From left to right;
Paul’s best man – Andrew, Paul, little me, my maid of honour – Ruth, and Ruth’s husband (Andrew’s brother) Adam – who was our chauffeur in his Mercedes Benz!

Because of this, we decided to postpone any big trips until this year as I was so poorly around our wedding. We chose the lovely town of Skipton, which is on the southern edge of the Yorkshire Dales.
I’ve been there many moons a go, but I felt it was time to go back. So, we are going to be in the Dales for a few days from the 6th April.

And my youngest sister will finally be 18! No baby sisters and brother anymore. All adults!


I’m off to play with crochet and watch the start of the Formula 1 season.

More books and relaxation

I decided I wanted to put my two cents on the series of books that the lovely Nicki Trench has put together.

I have two of her books now, and love them both.

This particular book she focuses her patterns on those with flowers. I’ve started work on these particular patterns;

Aren’t they gorgeous and so full of spring!

I’m debating on making a blanket or a cushion.

Here is my start. I love these colours. I’m using Stylecraft Special Dk, Stylecraft Life Dk, Premier Dk and some oddments of dk.

I’ll show more as this funny little creation progresses.